The Right Fit

Dear Future Parents,

Today, I want to talk about how to choose the right fit for your child. I’d like to talk to you not from an administrators point of view or from a Healthy Beginning’s employees perspective, but from a parent, like you might be.  What do we want as parents when looking at a prospective preschool? I know what I was looking for when I was looking for a school, for my soon the three year old in 2016.  I wanted safety, education and again safety.  I began to tour schools from Dallas to Plano, not just Montessori mind you.  Every time I went into a school, I made a list of pros and cons and began to develop a list of which was the best in my mind.  This one was the best in education, this one had lower student to teacher ratios, this one had organic food choices and so on and so on.  I wanted to pick the best! That’s what we all want as parents, the best for our children.  It was hard to chose. Some were a definite NO, while others had strengths in some areas.  When I walked in to Healthy Beginnings Montessori House and took a tour with Tami the Director and Owner, everything changed.  I didn’t have go through the grueling torcher of questioning myself, “Is this school better than this one?”.  I went from, choosing the best, out of a list of possibilities, to knowing this is where I wanted my child to be. See coming from an education background, I though I knew all there was to teaching children.  Until I found the place that truly followed child. It sounds so simple, but it meant and changed everything for me.  Tami explained, how as an authentic Montessori School they followed the child and intrinsically the child knew best.

Of course now being a part of the team, I am biased, but I will never forget the tangible knowing that came to me when I walked into this school, and that’s all I hope to impart to any parent. So when choosing a school, don’t choose the best out of a list of schools. Choose the school where when you walk in you just know, This is where I want my child to be.

Jessica Snyder

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Happy Valentines Day From Healthy Beginnings!

Happy Valentines Day to all.

Today at Healthy Beginnings we celebrated each other and the love we share for our students and teachers.  The Primary class held a cookie exchange, as well as Valentines card exchange.  The children worked hard this week decorating their boxes and making cookies.  We love to see the merriment in the child’s face as they celebrate this joyous holiday.  Here are some pictures from today’s event.

“Of all things love is the most potent.” Maria Montessori.



Celebration of Life


Good Tidings from Healthy Beginnings Montessori House,

Yesterday we celebrated our 8th year being open! Wow, how much we and the children have grown.  We thought this an excellent opportunity to shed some light on a beautiful Montessori tradition that we do here at our school.  Starting in in our primary classes, when a child has a birthday, we complete what is known as a celebration of life ceremony.  This is a very special way to honor the life of that child.  As shown in the picture below, the sun is laid out on an authentic canvas.  The child is guided in placing all the months and seasons accordingly.  This is also a brief introduction into the calendar and the earths journey around the sun. Now the magic happens.  We ask all the child’s friends from class to sit around the rug and watch as the child carrying the mother earth walks around the sun.  The child then walks around the sun for each year of their life, as the children all serenade them in their sweet voices singing:

“Here we go round the sun,

Here we go round the sun,

Her we go round the sun,

Until the year is done.”

After each journey around the sun the child is asked to pause and we help the child reflect on all their accomplishments in each year of life.  Its really breathtaking to see the child beam with pride considering all the have accomplished.

Hope this gives some insight into some of the beauty of the celebration of life.

Maria COL_5

Remembering to focus on Unity

Hello Healthy Beginning Parents,

I recently received and email from one of our student’s grandmothers. She shared a warm moment of her grandson singing, “light a candle for you, light a candle for me, light and candle for peace…” (This a song the primary children were taught for international peace day). His beautiful three-year old sweet voice singing of peace reminded her to share a message of unity. It is so easy to feel discouraged in times like these, when tragedy occurs. It is easy to place blame and feel resentful and more disconnected from each other. Take some time to watch this video and let the voices of this generation of children remind you that there is still much light and love and peace to be shared.

Jessica Snyder