Fun at the HBMH 6th Annual Fall Festival!

A BIG thank you to our entire community for coming out to our recent Fall Festival; we had a record turn-out this year! This has always been a successful fundraiser for us. It gets better and better every year. Thank you all for coming out and supporting our school!

Face painting, henna art and hair/nail salon was a big hit!
Thank you, Ms. Insiya for creating such lovely henna for our guests! Visit Insiya’s Temporary Body Art homepage for background on her beautiful work.



Of course, everyone’s costumes were nothing short of amazing.


Our First Annual Chili Cook-Off was a huge success! Congrats to Ms. Maya for winning on overall presentation and flavor of chili! Thank you to all of our participants!

Thanks to Jay’s help, our concessions this year included smoked ribs, chicken, and hot dogs…yum!


The petting zoo came fully equipped with chickens, roosters, a calf, piglets, bunnies, and a few other furry friends.


Mr. Monty was the “tractor conductor” and towed the kids in the barrels all night. They absolutely loved it!


We had THREE bounce houses this time, which included obstacle courses and slides.


Another “congratulations” goes to all of our silent auction basket winners. With your help, we raised over $1,800!


Plenty of smiles to go around! This had to have been one of the funnest fall festivals yet.

DSC_0316 DSC_0247DSC_0258

On behalf of the entire HBMH community, thank you to all who came out and supported our school. This event is always the largest fundraiser of the year for us. With your continued support, we raised funds that will go towards the growth and improvement of our school!

Mark Your Calendar: Fall Student Portraits

Fall Portraits

Fall Student Portraits

Thursday, October 15 & Friday, October 16 @ 9:00AM

Please have your children at the school, “portrait-ready” by 9:00am if you’d like them to participate. An additional day has been added to the schedule for retakes, or those who were absent the day before.

Portraits will be done by Julia Alison Photography, along with the help of one of our HBMH parents, Melissa Marciszko. Please see the back of this flyer for pricing/package information.

A follow up email will be sent shortly after the portraits are taken, including ordering instructions and when the photos will be ready.

Please let administration know if you would like your child to be excluded from fall portraits.

The Montessori Kindergarten Year: A Foundation for Life

For our primary 3rd-year students…

“The kindergarten year in an early childhood Montessori program is a pivotal year. It is the end point of a three-year cycle. It develops the foundation for what Maria Montessori saw as a civilized human being, moving forward through their life.”

Three year primary cycle:
1st Year – Planting the seed
2nd Year – Watering, stem/leaves begin to grow
3rd Year – Beautiful flower finally blooms

“To miss the 3rd year would be missing the most important part of the cycle…it’s like taking the cake out of the oven before it’s done!”

4th of July Fun

Better late than never…I have to share a few photos taken last week during our Independence Day Celebration in our Primary Community. As part of our Summer Camp Theme “Natural Art”, our friends used recycled items to create holiday decorations. What a fun way to celebrate our country’s independence!

DSC_0929Red, white and blue fireworks were made using a recycled toilet paper roll as a stamp. (Glitter was added for special affect, of course!)

Fireworks_1 Fireworks_2 Fireworks_3 Fireworks_4Necklaces were made from pre-cut shapes, hole-punched and threaded onto a piece of yarn.
DSC_0915 DSC_0904DSC_0912 DSC_0909Festive red, white and blue garland adorned the room.
DSC_0906One of our friends chose to grade the color tablets in intensity of color, according to what he thought was most patriotic.DSC_0903One of our primary community members proudly displays her 4th of July crown hand-made from a paper plate and painted blue and red.
DSC_0901We hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day/Weekend with their families!

Photo of the Day: Practice Makes Perfect

We practiced our severe weather evacuation this afternoon, and what better time to do so than during National Safety Month. We practice putting our hands over our heads to protect our head/neck, and to remain calm and still until the drill is complete. We are more than prepared in the event of an actual emergency!

Severe Weather Drill

Here Comes Peter Cottontail…

We celebrated Easter last week by participating in fun, traditional holiday celebrations. Our friends decorated eggs, traced and painted drawings of eggs, pin-pricked paper eggs and decorated them with assorted craft supplies, dyed Easter eggs, and ended the week with our annual HBMH Easter Egg Hunt! 


Of course, Floppy had to make a photo appearance. Our very own Easter bunny!


All of the Easter eggs were donated from our families — thank you for making this event special!


This friend decided to trace an egg at the light box, then painted it his colors of choice.

This friend decided to trace an egg at the light box, then painted it his colors of choice.

These colorful, pin-pricked eggs adorned our walls all throughout the week.

These colorful, pin-pricked eggs adorned our walls all throughout the week.


Hand dyeing hard boiled eggs for our friends to enjoy for snack.

Busy fingers peel the hard boiled eggs for snack time.

Busy fingers peel the hard boiled eggs for snack time.


We hope everyone had a wonderful and happy Easter!