Chef’s Corner: Maria Montessori and Nutrition

Table SettingAs stated at the end of the Nutritional Mission Statement, you will be empowered with unbiased nutritional knowledge differentiating truths from myths by examining our nutritional mission statement: what does every word mean and why it matters.

“In order to protect the child’s development, it would be well if a large part of the child’s diet could be entrusted to the school.” ~Maria Montessori

I truly believe in Maria Montessori’s quote and I would take it a step further for accuracy and precision by saying “in order to protect the child’s naturalĀ development, it would be necessary that the child’s healthy nutrition be entrusted to the school, while in school”.

The Montessori method is the proven scientific observation of the child’s natural development and nurturing it by allowing the child to naturally develop in a natural environment free of artificiality.

My definition of food is natural substances consisting primarily of protein, carbohydrates and fat used in the human body to provide energy, promote health, nourish the soul, sustain growth and repair vital organs through the furnishing of essential nutrients. But, regardless of how food is defined, we all know and agree that food is energy; food to the human body is the equivalent to the fuel and the oil in a car, and it matters what quality of fuel and oil is put in a car. The car’s manufacturer list this vital requirement atop everything else and to make things more interesting every car has a diet of how often the fuel and oil should be replenished and changed, amongst other things, to optimize the performance and therefore the longevity of every car. Unleaded fuel is designed for regular cars and diesel fuel is designed for diesel engines, and even in some high-end luxury cars the grade of the fuel with added additives and the grade of the oil are listed for strict adherence to meet the mechanical needs and the age (mileage) of every car.

The quality and quantity of good natural food that we consume matters, to provide us with the good natural outcomes we desire in regard to sustained energy; mental sharpness; psychological mood and temper; and physiological growth.

Healthy Beginnings: Our name says it all for it all begins at Healthy Beginnings; healthy environment, healthy natural child development, healthy natural materials and healthy nutritional food. Our name was designed to make everything matter to include healthy nutrition and healthy food, it mattered to Maria Montessori and it should matter to you.

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