Backyard Renovations Update

The latest in our backyard improvements: beautiful, new raised garden beds and a tee pee, hand-built by Mr. Monty (one of our HBMH dads/manager of backyard renovations).

Garden Beds_2

Freshly painted garden beds, set out in the sun to dry. These will soon be filled with soil and new seeds for the upcoming spring growing season!


Garden Beds_1

Tee Pee_1

Mr. Monty putting the finishing touches on our new tee pee!

Tee Pee_2Of course, none of this would be possible without the continued support and financial donations from our HBMH community; thank you for being a part of this ongoing project to improve our backyard! (Special thanks to our wonderful families for donating to our recent Parent’s Night out; we had a blast and raised almost $500 in doing so!)

Stay tuned for updates/photos as the improvements continue!