What’s for lunch today?

A beautiful tossed salad, of course. Complete with organic romaine lettuce and kale, topped with fresh grapefruit and oranges, and olive oil. The lettuce was home-grown here in our very own garden, and the fruit was provided from the Kiwi class’ fruit and vegetable basket (thank you, freinds!). Tasty and nutritional is how we like to keep it here at Healthy Beginnings Montessori House!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, from our HBMH family to yours!

Today was a day filled with fun, food, and friends! We celebrated the holiday with baking, craft making, reading Thanksgiving books, and of course, our traditional feast.

DSC_0400DSC_0399DSC_0369Our Apple friends made place mats, describing what they’re most thankful for.DSC_0364DSC_0394DSC_0396DSC_0397Our friends enjoyed tasty chicken, corn, vegetables, delicious sweet potatoes, cranberries, with muffins and pumpkin pie for dessert. – Thank you Ms. Tami for creating our feast (and Apple & Pear children for baking our tasty deserts!)
DSC_0380DSC_0384DSC_0403DSC_0388DSC_0370DSC_0373Tiny fingers explore new textures of the fruits and vegetables.
DSC_0361DSC_0358DSC_0359Happy Thanksgiving!

Vine Video of the Day: Banana Muffins

Letting Your Child Help in the Kitchen

Boy Slicing Bread

“Influenced, perhaps, by my early experience at a Montessori school… I am all for encouraging children to work productively with their hands…. It is good to give them knives, for instance, as early as you dare…. to slice a hard-boiled egg neatly and then to fillet a fish. Talk to children as you plan menus. Let their small, sensitive noses sniff the fish as you shop.”
—Julia Child, Julia Child & Company

Julia Child encouraged children as young as four years old to fillet fish! But, don’t worry – you can start small and work up to such gourmet endeavors. Young children have a keen desire to participate in everyday family life and love to help in the kitchen. With your guidance they can learn to do so much: preparing snacks and meals, serving, and cleaning up are fun activities that support your child’s growing independence and contribute to the family’s well-being.

The Child-Friendly Kitchen

A child-friendly kitchen includes a low table and chair for eating or working and a low cupboard equipped with child-size dishes, flatware, cooking equipment, and non-perishable food. Reserve a low shelf in the refrigerator for a container with prepared snacks such as cheese and apple slices, and a child-size pitcher of milk or juice. Show your child how to safely grasp, carry, and pour from the pitcher with two hands. Continue reading

Chef’s Corner: What’s for Lunch Today?


When it comes to meal times and snack preparation, everything that is served to our children has to have a nutritional value of some kind.

As stated in our Nutritional Mission Statement…
We are committed to nutritionally cooking and baking seasonal food from scratch with all-natural products and organic when significant while sensibly introducing the children to diverse ethnic food, flavors and tastes.

Today, our very own Chef Tami (Owner, Director, and Montessori Directress of HBMH) whipped up an extra special meal of grilled chicken caesar salad with fresh fruit and warm dinner rolls. Yum! For our younger friends, marinara pasta with chicken and steamed carrots was served. This is definitely a favorite amongst our community; many of the children ask for seconds (and even thirds).

By providing daily healthy meals such as this, we’re empowering our children to get the best “head start” to their lives, while building a strong, nutritional diet that lasts a life time. lunch_3lunch_4