Happy Birthday, Dr. Montessori!

DSC_0684Our primary community came together for a special Celebration of Life in honor of Dr. Montessori’s birthday, to help celebrate the life and legacy that she left behind. We read a special children’s biography on Maria, filled with pictures and details on everything that she accomplished in her life. Our friends took turns walking the earth around the sun, representing each milestone that was read from the book.DSC_0674DSC_0650Of course, we had to have a special treat to celebrate the occasion…

Happiest of birthdays to our dear Maria Montessori!

A brief glimpse into the life of Dr. Maria Montessori…

Maria Montessori was born August 31, 1870. She began her career studying medicine (supported by Pope Leo XIII), while working in the insane asylums with mentally deficient children. Inspired by the work of Itard and Seguin, she shifted her focus to the education of young children, and opened her first children’s home, “Casa dei Bambini” in Italy in 1907. She developed a philosophy that focused on human development, in every aspect of the child’s life. Many people became curious of this new pedagogy, and traveled world-wide to listen to her lecture. Because this was a new method of teaching, Montessori schools were both praised and persecuted. Today, however, they are well known and respected as teaching establishments for alternative education, by giving the child the opportunity to learn at their own pace, while respecting their developmental growth. Through her efforts and years of experience, she received the first of three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1949. Maria’s work carried on after her death in 1952, and is still commonly practiced to this day. Maria Montessori completely changed the face of education as we know it. Her methods and lessons helped children to become self-sufficient, independent young adults, and has been practiced for over 100 years. 


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