Article: 12 Points of the Montessori Method, Sarah Moudry

I came across this article, posted by a fellow Montessorian blogger, Sarah Moudry, describing what Montessori is, while incorporating ways that the method is beneficial to our children. Definitely a good read!

Twelve Points of the Montessori Method
1. It is based on years of patient observation of child nature.
2. It has proved itself of universal application. Race, color, climate, nationality, social rank, type of civilization-all these make no difference to its successful application.
3. It has revealed the small child as a lover of work, intellectual work, spontaneously chosen and carried out with profound joy.
4. It is based on the child’s imperious need to learn by doing. At each stage in the child’s intellectual growth, corresponding occupations are provided by means of which he develops his faculties.
5. While it offers the child a maximum of spontaneity it enables him to reach the same, or even a higher level of scholastic attainment as under conventional systems.
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