Montessori Schools Offer Big Lessons For ‘Managers’

Article Credit, Ashoka, Contributor Group for Forbes

Montessori Schools Offer Big Lessons For ‘Managers’


“No one could have foreseen that children had concealed within themselves a vital secret capable of lifting the veil that covered the human soul, that they carried within themselves something which, if discovered, would help adults to solve their own individual and social problems.”  — Dr. Maria Montessori

Did you know that children at Montessori schools regularly out-perform those who graduate from traditional schools? And that some of the leading innovators in the world, including Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales credit their ability to think differently to their Montessori educations?

Founded in 1897 by Italian educator and physician Dr. Maria Montessori, the Montessori approach challenged predominant educational theories by giving children the freedom to grow, learn and contribute in the classroom.

Interestingly, although Dr. Montessori’s methodologies were developed for children and education, her philosophy was based on the science of life. So it makes sense that studies challenging the paradigm of ‘management’ today would echo several Montessori principles. The studies show striking parallels between the nature of children and adults, the environments needed to unleash potential in the classroom and the workspace and the role of teachers and leaders. Continue reading

Corporate Kindergarten: How A Montessori Mindset Can Transform Your Business

Montessori students working on their lessons at Green Hedges School, Vienna, Virginia. (Photo credit: Michael Branscom)

Montessori students working on their lessons at Green Hedges School, Vienna, Virginia. (Photo credit: Michael Branscom)

It’s always interesting to see studies being conducted on the success and work ethic of Montessorians vs. Non-Montessorians, or rather those who had the opportunity to be influenced by the philosophy versus a child who attended a conventional daycare/grade school. It’s neat to see the facts when lined up next to one another; the entrepreneur who attended Montessori as a child typically has stronger work ethics, strong leadership skills, initiative, and so forth. Not to say that one is better than the other, but these entrepreneurs certainly had an advantage by getting an authentic Montessori education from an early start.

It’s never too late to cultivate a Montessori-friendly work environment, one that promotes the “Montessori mindset”, capitalizing on and emphasizing each of your employee/coworker’s talents.

Check out Corporate Kindergarten: How a Montessori Mindset Can Transform Your Business for ways to incorporate this business model into your work environment!

“By creating a corporate kindergarten culture where Montessori mindsets are cultivated and rewarded and we can unlock the full potential of each individual in your organization from top to bottom and every level in between. It may just be the answer to propelling America’s emerging innovation economy to the moon and beyond.” -Justin Wasserman, Managing Director at Kotter International