Flash Back Friday: 6 Ways to Promote Peace in the Classroom, Countdown to International Day of Peace

Original post: Sept. 19, 2014
A petting zoo is a great way to teach children how to gently handle and care for small animals.

“…establishing peace is the work of education” – Maria Montessori

It is our responsibility as educators to promote peace within our classrooms. Peace education starts the moment the child walks through your door on the first day of school, and should be presented in almost every work and lesson all throughout the year. Maria Montessori was a large advocate for peace education, and created her philosophy and teaching methods based on this foundational principle.

There are many ways to promote peace in the classroom that aren’t too abstract and simple to teach, especially for our younger 2 – 3 year olds. Although it is important to touch on this subject, peace education does not have to just include the prevention of war. It can start in the classroom, by simple acts of kindness, or care of the environment and others around us. The word “peace” means something different to everyone; there are an endless number of ways a child can bring peace to the community. It is our job as educators to foster a healthy learning environment that displays both peace and harmony.

Here are a few ways that you can help promote peace in your classroom: Continue reading