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Parent Tips for a Happy & Healthy Halloween

It’s common for many families with young children to seek healthier alternatives to traditional Halloween practices (instead of Haunted houses, you might try a community fall festival, or dress up in fun animal costumes instead of scary ghosts or zombies). Everyone celebrates this holiday in their own way. For us, this time of year means family gatherings and festivals, new and exciting autumn works and crafts for the children, and embracing the seasons as they change.

Here are a few parent tips, from our HBMH family to yours, on how you can celebrate the fall season in a healthier and safer way.

  1. Of course, there’s the up-and-coming popular “Teal Pumpkin Project”. Click on this link for more information on how you can participate, Instead of handing out candy to trick-or-treaters this year, try distributing bubbles, fun spider rings, or other items that appeal to all children.
  2. Make “friendly” scarecrows using old clothes and hay, a straw hat, and maybe even some fun boots (stuffed pillow cases make for great scarecrow heads). Display alongside your carved pumpkins to show your fall spirit.
  3. Participate in community fall festivals – whether you volunteer or take your children, these events are definitely fun for the whole family!
  4. Be sure to stop by for lots of creative ideas on Halloween crafts, snacks, DIY costumes, and so much more. Click on the icon below to see our HBMH Pinterest page:
  5. Visit your local pumpkin patch (makes for a great photo session with the kids!).
  6. There are so many great family-friendly fall and Halloween books, that you can read with your little ones.

How does your family celebrate the fall season? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Have a safe, happy and healthy Halloween!