HBMH Summer Camp: Music

Children are born to sing and dance!

This week’s summer camp theme is “music and movement”. All week long, our primary friends learned about rhythm, rhyme and melody while experimenting with several different musical instruments: rhythm sticks, tambourines, cymbals, triangles, drums, rain sticks, bells, and so much more. Each music and movement lesson included cultural aspects, geography, seasons, animals or feelings, giving our students a healthy foundation for music appreciation. Below are a few photos taken from our primary community, showing the different musical works that we enjoyed this week.

Photo 1_tambourinePhoto 4_floor rugEach work was presented with nomenclature cards, including the written name of the object, and matching photo. The room was filled with music all week as the children experimented with their new works!
Photo 2_music shelfOur “music and movement” shelf included individual baskets containing different instruments. Drum-making crafts and tracing were also a favorite this week!Photo 5_TrianglePhoto 6_CymbalsPhoto 3_xylophonePersonalized miniature Popsicle sticks so our friends could take and practice at home!

Stay tuned for more updates from our exciting summer camp adventures!

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