Cloth Washing

This is truly a Montessori child at work! Water splashed all over the hair, floor and clothes, suds on the face, his arm stuck through the apron head-hole, and his head through the arm-hole…in complete bliss and happiness as he washes the cloths. He completed this work all on his own, with no adult redirection, from start to finish. He is definitely a seasoned cloth washer!

Care of Environment: Engaging the Child to the Environment

Polishing a plant in our Apple Primary Room.

Polishing a plant in our Apple Primary Room.

“Montessori recognized that meaningful learning requires a willingness to follow each successive step in the process of acquiring new information. It is essential to repeat each one of those steps as many times as necessary to know and to understand the specific learning involved on the deepest level. To complete such a cycle of activity requires a ‘depth of engagement’ on the child’s part. It is just this engagement of the whole personality that is necessary to all meaningful learning throughout life.” – Paula Polk Lillard, Montessori from the Start

Children want to participate in work that is meaningful, challenging, and contributes to their classroom environment as well as society. Continue reading