Summer Camp at HBMH – 2016

Summer Camp at HBMH – 2016

Homemade Soup, the Montessori Way


Children know when their work is worthy and good. They know when it measures favorable against their inspirations, talents, efforts, values, and abilities. They learn to assess themselves and their ideas honestly.

On this particular day, our Apple Community members came together, collaborated, analyzed, and assessed what needed to be done. While collecting and preparing, they showed initiative and adaptability. As a team, they had to effectively communicate and solve problems. A couple of our older community members quickly assumed a leadership role. It was incredible to observe the delegation, resourcefulness and cooperation taking place. What impressed me the most while watching these students was the respect, compassion and consideration for one another.

-Ms. Tami, Director


Chef’s Corner Book Suggestion: Kids In The Kitchen


The book, Kids In The Kitchen, is an excellent resource for both parents and educators by offering simple ways of incorporating individual food preparation for your toddler or primary aged child. ┬áThis book does an amazing job providing practical ways to bring cooking into your child’s environment; providing lists of needed items, suggestions of storage, how to create a food preparation area, and recipes to try. I encourage all who work with or have children to purchase.

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