Life-Long Love of Reading

DSC_0009_1Everyone knows the benefits of reading to your children at a very young age – it enhances verbalization and language skills, promotes the child’s imagination, provides a bonding experience for both parent and child, and so much more. Reading aloud together has benefits that go well beyond promoting the child’s academic growth; it instills an internal desire to want to continue to learn. We encourage reading in our students every day. Quiet, peaceful reading areas adorned with chairs, pillows, lamps, and natural wall art entice the children to read books all throughout the day.

This week is our Scholastic Book Fair, definitely an exciting time for our children! It’s always hard to make it out the door without having to stop and browse through the new books on display. The book fair is beneficial in so many ways. It gives our families the opportunity to explore new books for their children, while the school benefits from a certain percentage of the sales (we receive 60% of total sales over $1500 in new books and materials for our classrooms!).

The evidence is in the research:

Read to your children, every day. Create a routine that makes time for reading so that it becomes a habit, something that your children desire to do. As children grow, continue to read together using chapter books and more age-appropriate stories. Audio books are a great way to enhance your child’s imagination while driving in the car. There is an endless amount of things you can do as a parent to encourage a healthy love of reading in your children.

Happy reading!

Feel free to visit our online book fair to help support our school!