Video of the Day: Breakfast

Article: “Rise and Shine, What Kids Around the World Eat for Breakfast”, the New York Times

12EatersAllOver-ss-slide-67SD-master1050_1Very unique look into the variety of breakfast foods our children enjoy all over the world. You’d be surprised by what some people eat, however the photos make everything look delicious!

For breakfast, our HBMH friends enjoy nutritional options such as waffles, turkey sausage, fresh fruits, scrambled eggs, organic oatmeal, and all natural scones with sun butter and fruit, amongst many other things.

Excerpt from the post:

Americans tend to lack imagination when it comes to breakfast. The vast majority of us, surveys say, start our days with cold cereal — and those of us with children are more likely to buy the kinds with the most sugar. Children all over the world eat cornflakes and drink chocolate milk, of course, but in many places they also eat things that would strike the average American palate as strange, or worse.

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