Fun at the HBMH 6th Annual Fall Festival!

A BIG thank you to our entire community for coming out to our recent Fall Festival; we had a record turn-out this year! This has always been a successful fundraiser for us. It gets better and better every year. Thank you all for coming out and supporting our school!

Face painting, henna art and hair/nail salon was a big hit!
Thank you, Ms. Insiya for creating such lovely henna for our guests! Visit Insiya’s Temporary Body Art homepage for background on her beautiful work.



Of course, everyone’s costumes were nothing short of amazing.


Our First Annual Chili Cook-Off was a huge success! Congrats to Ms. Maya for winning on overall presentation and flavor of chili! Thank you to all of our participants!

Thanks to Jay’s help, our concessions this year included smoked ribs, chicken, and hot dogs…yum!


The petting zoo came fully equipped with chickens, roosters, a calf, piglets, bunnies, and a few other furry friends.


Mr. Monty was the “tractor conductor” and towed the kids in the barrels all night. They absolutely loved it!


We had THREE bounce houses this time, which included obstacle courses and slides.


Another “congratulations” goes to all of our silent auction basket winners. With your help, we raised over $1,800!


Plenty of smiles to go around! This had to have been one of the funnest fall festivals yet.

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On behalf of the entire HBMH community, thank you to all who came out and supported our school. This event is always the largest fundraiser of the year for us. With your continued support, we raised funds that will go towards the growth and improvement of our school!

Photo of the Day: Buttons


Calling All Pumpkins!


Found this happy guy waiting to greet me at the front door this morning.

Our Fall Display up front needs pumpkins!
This is the time of year our friends look forward to decorating pumpkins and scarecrows, and placing them on the hay fall display at the front of the school. We invite all of our families to decorate a pumpkin with your little one, and place it on the fall display between now and Friday, November 6. The classrooms will be making a scarecrow to put on the hay as well.
In order to make the children feel like they’re part of the fall display, we invite families to place their pumpkin on the hay, with your children. You’re welcome to label your pumpkin with your child’s name if you’d like to take it back after the fall festival.
It’s fun to walk by the hay each morning and see your pumpkin or scarecrow waiting to greet you!

Parent Tips for a Happy & Healthy Halloween

It’s common for many families with young children to seek healthier alternatives to traditional Halloween practices (instead of Haunted houses, you might try a community fall festival, or dress up in fun animal costumes instead of scary ghosts or zombies). Everyone celebrates this holiday in their own way. For us, this time of year means family gatherings and festivals, new and exciting autumn works and crafts for the children, and embracing the seasons as they change.

Here are a few parent tips, from our HBMH family to yours, on how you can celebrate the fall season in a healthier and safer way.

  1. Of course, there’s the up-and-coming popular “Teal Pumpkin Project”. Click on this link for more information on how you can participate, Instead of handing out candy to trick-or-treaters this year, try distributing bubbles, fun spider rings, or other items that appeal to all children.
  2. Make “friendly” scarecrows using old clothes and hay, a straw hat, and maybe even some fun boots (stuffed pillow cases make for great scarecrow heads). Display alongside your carved pumpkins to show your fall spirit.
  3. Participate in community fall festivals – whether you volunteer or take your children, these events are definitely fun for the whole family!
  4. Be sure to stop by for lots of creative ideas on Halloween crafts, snacks, DIY costumes, and so much more. Click on the icon below to see our HBMH Pinterest page:
  5. Visit your local pumpkin patch (makes for a great photo session with the kids!).
  6. There are so many great family-friendly fall and Halloween books, that you can read with your little ones.

How does your family celebrate the fall season? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Have a safe, happy and healthy Halloween!

Montessori How-To: Fall Sensory Work

It’s beginning to look a lot like…Autumn!

The fall season brings forth new, fall-themed activities and lessons in the classrooms. A few of our teachers have fully taken advantage of all that the season brings. They’ve incorporated fun, fall sensorial baskets in their rooms, amongst many other seasonal activities. This is a great example of how to incorporate practical autumn accessories into your classroom, while keeping the spirit of learning, creativity, and discovery alive.

A few photos from our fall sensorial basket in our toddler community…

A few simple fall items such as pine cones, gourds, pumpkins, leaves, or twigs can create an exciting sensorial work for any child.

A few simple fall items such as pine cones, gourds, pumpkins, leaves, or twigs can create an exciting sensorial work for any child.

A few simple items such as pine cones, gourds, pumpkins, leaves, or twigs can create an exciting sensorial work for any child.


I feel the gourd's texture, rub it on my cheek, inspect its color, exercising all of my senses.

I feel the gourd’s texture, rub it on my cheek, and inspect its color, exercising all of my senses.


Little verbalization is needed for this work, except for the description of the materials, and how to handle each object in the basket. This is a great work to stimulate my senses while learning about different seasons!

For more ideas on DIY sensorial exercises, I would encourage you to visit our school’s Pinterest page: