Celebration of Life


Good Tidings from Healthy Beginnings Montessori House,

Yesterday we celebrated our 8th year being open! Wow, how much we and the children have grown.  We thought this an excellent opportunity to shed some light on a beautiful Montessori tradition that we do here at our school.  Starting in in our primary classes, when a child has a birthday, we complete what is known as a celebration of life ceremony.  This is a very special way to honor the life of that child.  As shown in the picture below, the sun is laid out on an authentic canvas.  The child is guided in placing all the months and seasons accordingly.  This is also a brief introduction into the calendar and the earths journey around the sun. Now the magic happens.  We ask all the child’s friends from class to sit around the rug and watch as the child carrying the mother earth walks around the sun.  The child then walks around the sun for each year of their life, as the children all serenade them in their sweet voices singing:

“Here we go round the sun,

Here we go round the sun,

Her we go round the sun,

Until the year is done.”

After each journey around the sun the child is asked to pause and we help the child reflect on all their accomplishments in each year of life.  Its really breathtaking to see the child beam with pride considering all the have accomplished.

Hope this gives some insight into some of the beauty of the celebration of life.

Maria COL_5

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