Montessori in the Home

Consistency is key when it comes to your child’s learning environment at school and home. Creating a Montessori-friendly environment at home is easier to attain than you may think. Just keep a few things in mind, 1) is my child able to fulfill their needs independently, 2) can they reach necessary objects that are placed away in a cabinet/shelf, 3) are they given quiet areas to work/play independently, 4) are these areas tidy, neat and uncluttered. Purchasing Montessori materials can be intimidating to some, however rest assured that many of these works can actually be hand-made with materials found around the house.

Here are a few helpful links and photos to help get you started…

This blog I came across, Kavanaugh Report showcases beautiful pictures of how to incorporate Montessori in your home and the furniture layout of each appropriate area.

Washing salad greens for the family's dinner (Photo from The Montessori Child at Home)

You want to promote “natural learning” as much as possible in your home. Allow for your child to think and work for themselves, and create an environment that meets their needs at any given time. Furniture should be low-set, utensils/plates/cups should be in a cabinet accessible to your child. Include them in every day house-hold tasks to bring forth natural, organic learning opportunities.

Living Montessori Now has a list of helpful hints to get you started in the right direction:

  • Follow the child
  • Respect and encourage your child’s absorbent mind and sensitive periods
  • Allow your child the freedom to explore indoors and outdoors
  • Give your child as many opportunities for hands-on learning
  • Emphasize “practical life” and “sensorial” activities (care of self, environment, control of movement, grace & courtesy)
  • Provide child-size materials wherever possible
  • Don’t interrupt your child’s work cycle
  • Make your child’s environment as orderly and attractive as possible
  • Demonstrate how to do an activity
  • When you offer an activity, check that one quality is isolated, and there is a “control of error” whenever possible

How we Montessori - Montessori Home

There should always be a period of uninterrupted work time available for your child, at home and school. Incorporating a quiet, organized area, equipped with age-appropriate works and activities that encourage independent work, is a great way to bring Montessori into any home. This precious blog, How We Montessori, gives pictures and resources on how to properly fill your shelves in the child’s work area. Remember to keep this area natural, beautiful, pleasant, comfortable and inviting.

Montessori In The Home

Photo taken from one of our past blog posts. This is a beautiful example of Montessori in the Home; everything has its place, low-set, organized, age-appropriate objects that appeal to the child’s senses, books, natural colors, etc.  This child’s work is respected and given a special place in the center of the family’s home.

Feel free to share photos from your home Montessori environment. We’d love to feature them on our blog!

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