Snow Day Fun!

In light of the ever-so-changing Texas snowy weather that we were graced with this morning, my son and I took full advantage of our day at home, and incorporated a few Montessori works and other hands-on activities into our morning routine.

We welcomed the morning sun (or lack there-of) with a home-made stained glass window. A great activity to improve fine motor skills as my toddlers tiny hands tore the tissue paper and meticulously placed each piece on the window. His attention was so absorbed in this activity for almost 30 minutes!

What you’ll need: Glad “press-n-seal”ย wrap works best, multi-colored tissue paper, tape. The Gladย wrap provided a semi-adhesive so that T could take down the tissue paper after he was done and recreate a new masterpiece. There was no commitment with the placement of each piece because they could easily be removed.

Snow Day _16
Snow Day _18
Snow Day _17

Next, it was on to another favorite, bubble making, or “bubbas!” as my son refers to. This is a fun toddler age-appropriate science experiment that teaches the child how bubbles are formed, how to properly hold and maneuver a whisk (or egg beater) and the basic motions of stirring, control of movement, and the proper set-up/clean-up for such a work. Not to mention, this is great hand-eye coordination. They’ll also enjoy the reward from their hard work of whisking the soapy solution; bubbles!

In the classroom, this work is set up in a way that the child fetches the water on their own and fills a large bowl, rather than a glass dish. We used a flat, casserole dish because it was more functional for my young son. You can also choose to use soap liquid instead of actually shaving the soap bar. T enjoyed shaving the soap down to small flakes, and watching them dissolve in the water, so we chose to do it that way instead.

What you’ll need: Glass dish, Water pitcher, wire whisk or egg beater (whichever you desire), bar of soap (or liquid soap), and grater. You may also want lots of towels as this can get messy!

Snow Day _13

Snow Day _11

Snow Day_8

Snow Day _12

Snow Day_9

T opted for the wire whisk rather than the egg beater because it was easier to use, and the results were much faster. The egg beater required a bit more concentration and effort for such tiny hands. Of course, there’s a more proper classroom presentation for such a work, however it is an easy work to incorporate into your home because it requires common household kitchen materials. T really enjoyed the clean-up process and got down on his hands/knees to make sure each water droplet and spill was thoroughly wiped up (my awesome little helper!).

Typically, we like to finger paint outside in the warm sun, however today proved to be quite challenging as we were stuck inside from the snow. So, we decided to participate in a fun, no-mess finger painting activity.

What you’ll need: single sheet of paper, tape, gallon-sized ziploc bag & paint colors of your choice. I chose primary colors that would mix well with one another and create new colors, for instance green/blue to make yellow.

Snow Day_10

Snow Day_6

Snow Day_7

Snow Day_3

The gooey texture of the paint was a nice, calm activity that really engaged his concentration. Not to mention, we can pack it up and re-use it again for another snow day!

Of course, we did make it outside, if only just for a few moments…

Snow Day_2

Hope you all enjoyed your snow day as much as we did!

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