Learning and Motivation, by Geetha Nagarajan

Montessori encourages a natural love of learning within the child, often times brought forth by the materials themselves, rather than the lessons being given. Children find motivation in the work they do because it is purposeful.

One of our Primary Lead Guides, Ms. Geetha wrote an article for her weekly classroom email, including her thoughts on how Montessori correlates with different theories of how children learn…

While researching the topic of “Learning and Motivation“…the more I read about it, the more I realize how much it’s in tune with the Montessori Philosophy.

  1. Theory: Learning can occur from everything and everyone in the environment.
    • Montessori: Learning is encouraged through a prepared environment and a Guide who follows the child.
  2. Theory: Necessity will more than likely help a person learn – very true for a child.
    • Montessori: This is where “I can do it” or being independent comes in.
  3. Theory: Mistakes will help a person learn.
    • Montessori: An environment which encourages problem solving instead of ridicule to correct mistakes.
  4. Theory: Learning is making an emotional connection and building on something that a person already knows which cements the knowledge.
    • Montessori: This is the underlying principle behind the scope and sequence of materials in the classroom where a child is given lessons on a concept, building upon what they have previously learnt, helping the child to succeed.
  5. Theory: Intrinsic motivation is key to creating life-long learners.
    • Montessori: Emphasizes internal motivation and the classroom is precisely prepared for individual instruction and self-paced learning. Teachers show students how to create order and discover principles by means of carefully demonstrated lessons that can then be practiced by the child at will. 

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