Teacher Resource: “Caring for the Dream” by Seth D. Webb

So many times, we misinterpret the philosophy, manipulating it to be what’s most convenient for our school community. We might even change the way the pedagogy is practiced to better correlate with current policies, compromising the very integrity of our precious philosophy. Rarely do schools come together for a common goal, to help maintain the very components that make the philosophy so strong; our families, the way we practice the pedagogy, and our policies with which we implement. We cannot move forward unless we do so by using a whole-school approach, including all aspects that help keep our Montessori community strong.

I came across a new blog post from MAA, reiterating the importance of working collaboratively with the four P’s: practice, pedagogy, people, and policies. You’ll notice the words “community”, “collective”, and “family” are mentioned several times.

A few of my favorite passages taken from the article…
“As local leaders in education we must be able to articulate and stand by the people, pedagogy, practices and policies of the schools we create. We need to be able to speak to each like they are parts of our family, parts of our bodies – each piece necessarily influencing and informing the whole. These are the interwoven fundamentals that, when realized authentically and kept healthy, speak to the very essence of our schools’ existence…Once articulated, our conception of the people, pedagogy, practices and polices of our schools informs every aspect of our work – from the classroom to the boardroom. If any of these four fundamentals becomes fragmented or diluted we must stop, reassess and reconsider the way ahead. We cannot continue to move forward until we can do so with authenticity and truth. Belief is a powerful thing, but only as powerful as the quality of its manifestation.”

To see the blog in full, click on the link below:

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