Montessori Resource: Michael Olaf Newsletter, November 2014

The newest edition of the Michael Olaf newsletter was released this month, and is filled with great information showing how the Montessori movement is progressing all over the world.

A few highlights from the newsletter:


In October, 2014, Susan M Stephenson gave the first public lecture on Montessori for over 500 people in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. She focused on the fact that the world is changing so rapidly that there is no way even to predict what professions will be needed in 10-15 years, making present academic curricula obsolete. She discusses 12 “skills for the future” that include being kind, communicating, and protecting and caring for the natural environment. All 12 skills are supported in a Montessori environment.ย You may be able to see the 24 slides of this brief overview here:

Montessori: Education for the Future

1 ebola maps_1


There are many ways that children can have valuable experiences of caring for others. One way is by practical life tasks of caring of each other and the environment. Another is the study of continents, countries, and cultures of the world in various ways which shows from the early years how we are all connected. The children in the picture above are in a Montessori school in Asia assembling puzzle maps, and learning the names of countries, in Africa and Europe.

For a full view of the newsletter, click on the link below:

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