Book Highlight: Curriculum of Love, Morgan Simone Daleo

In my office, lies a fully stocked resource library available to our staff and family members, filled with books on childhood education, professional growth, and all-things-Montessori. Each week, I’m going to highlight one of our favorite books, and share it with you all!

This week’s honorary mention is Curriculum of Love: Cultivating the Spiritual Nature of Children, by Morgan Simone Daleo.

“Mindfulness is the process of paying attention, moment to moment, to one’s thoughts, actions and surroundings without judgment or reaction, but with gratitude and joy. Mindfulness is a quality of attention which can be taught. Children as well as adults can be encouraged to notice the world around them, and to become aware of the thoughts and actions they are contributing to this world at any given moment.

Conscious awareness, or mindfulness, is an attribute of an awakened soul. How do we awaken the souls of our children? The first step is to realize that children are already in a heightened state of awareness. We need only to focus their sensitivity in a way which encourages appreciation and respect. We need to do less and allow more.” (p.26)

Definitely a great read for those wanting to foster a more positive and creative spiritual development in their children.
Happy Reading!

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