Chef’s Corner: What’s for Lunch Today?


When it comes to meal times and snack preparation, everything thatΒ is served to our children has to have a nutritional value of some kind.

As stated in our Nutritional Mission Statement…
We are committed to nutritionally cooking and baking seasonal food from scratch with all-natural products and organic when significant while sensibly introducing the children to diverse ethnic food, flavors and tastes.

Today, our very own Chef Tami (Owner, Director, and Montessori Directress of HBMH) whipped up an extra special meal of grilled chicken caesar salad with fresh fruit and warm dinner rolls. Yum! For our younger friends, marinara pasta with chicken and steamed carrots was served. This is definitely a favorite amongst our community; many of the children ask for seconds (and even thirds).

By providing daily healthy meals such as this, we’re empowering our children to get the best “head start” to their lives, while building a strong, nutritional diet that lasts a life time. lunch_3lunch_4


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