Montessori in the Home: Food Preparation


The food preparation cabinet used in our toddler community.

Adding a child-appropriate “food preparation” area in the kitchen is an easy way to bring Montessori into your home. This is a simple step towards making your home more “Montessori friendly”, and extremely practical to your family’s every day routine. A food preparation area can include anything from a small cabinet with a few simple kitchen utensils, plates, cups, etc. (keeping the tools within reach of your small child), all the way to a step stool in front of the sink. Preparing and serving food is a natural way for children to experience community. It teaches them that this is meaningful work, that there is a purpose in what they are doing; a true exercise in Practical Life.

Food Prep_2

Banana slicing

Food Prep_1

Orange peeling

Try to include your children in food preparation, if at all possible. Although it may seem like “work” to us adults, for them, it is a chance to work alongside mommy and daddy, to do what they do, learning that their work is valued and enjoyable.

I would encourage all parents to preview for tips and tools on how to incorporate food prep. in your home. Or, get more great ideas by visiting our HBMH Pinterest Page, “Food Preparation” at


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