Homemade Guacamole

projectIconIn our community, children are encouraged to help prepare food for the class, including vegetable cleaning and peeling, baking muffins and banana bread, and even preparing vegetable soup. Cooking as a community has benefits on so many levels; children learn to collaborate with one another, follow along with a sequence of directions, share each others’ thoughts and ideas, and learn how to be an efficient community member.

Pictured here is the product of the hard work of our primary community. We started with fresh, ripe avocados, passing them around for everyone to feel and smell. Then we cut them, along with tomatoes, onions, and a few other favorite herbs. Once the vegetables were combined, we took turns, one at a time “mashing” them together into a gooey, green paste.
Guacamole_3Guacamole_1Guacamole_2To make your own guacamole at home with your little ones, follow the simple recipe below:

Ingredients (add however many you’d like!):
– Avocadoes (the more you add, the larger the dip!)
– Tomatoes
– Onions
– Lime
– Salt & Pepper
– Garlic (optional)

What You’ll Need:
– Bowl for Mixing
– Knife
– Mixing Spoon/Spatula
– Cutting Board
– Potato Masher

Mix all of the ingredients together, and mash/puree to your liking.

For more tips and ideas on how to incorporate food preparation in your own kitchen, I would recommend reading Kids in the Kitchen, a favorite reference for many of our HBMH Guides. Kids In The Kitchen

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